Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Thank-You to ESFF Moscow

It's awards and self indulgence day at snuffboxfilms, so here is me cast in gold-plated Britannium (That's approximately 93% tin, 5% antimony, and 2% copper). Of course I could not model as well for this award as Mexican filmmaker Emilio Fernández did, having stripped down naked to be sketched for what is now known as The Oscar (It really should be called the "El Indio").

I wanted to post a big thank-you to The Extra Short Film Festival in Moscow, as I received my prize the other day for having won best video in nomination during the ESFF 2008. There is a satisfying feeling getting a reward for the time and effort put into production no matter what your project is. The fact that I received a small Grant to make the film made the reward even better as I can now say my film has made 100% profit!

I must also thank publicly all the cast and crew who devoted themselves to an unusual film. It is hard to pitch an idea that may come across as lurid, as most often my ideas might seem. I remember that Claire Forgie who edited the film came on board because she was able to view the stills from the shoot on Voicethread, she told me that it had proved to her that it wasn't just a couple of goofs flopping it out on a Casio keyboard.

If you are keen to submit your film to the next ESFF in Moscow, check out the guidelines for last year here. Don't forget to bookmark the page so you can keep an eye on the details for 2009.

Everyone worked really hard on the day of my shoot. Our time was very limited (Only a half day shoot). The original schedule for production had fallen through, it was a horrible period when every problem was replaced by yet another problem. I was couching it at the time with my ex-partner and eldest son, his room was the storage space for all the camera and lighting cases, numerous other bits of equipment too. I had booked a lavish ballroom but with no grand piano. Then I discovered a couple who made fake folding grand pianos but I had no transport to be able to collect the one they had generously offered for the shoot (They lived quite far away). Finally the ordering of the film stock (From Sydney) would take longer then expected so even if we had of shot, we would have had no film upon which to capture the footage. I couldn't get in touch with a make-up artist able to work on the day scheduled, and so in the end I had to cancel the shoot.

Serendipity does exist though. The second time around the shoot had a different feeling. Karen Liebau (Focus Puller and Clapper Loader) carted the bulk of the equipment in her car. I however, dressed in a suit, carried all the catering and several rather large props on my bicycle! I think the only complaint of the shoot I knew of was from my Gaffer who thought the Portuguese Chicken a little too spicy and wanted more variety with the catering. You live and learn however. My D.O.P felt however that my catering reminded her of India as I had made several dishes that probably have been integrated into the cuisine of Goa.

Errol Flynn's Pianist is now winding up its festival circuit, the most recent being tomorrow (12th of March) at The One Minutes Belgium Open starting from 8pm at cinema SPHINX in Ghent. The narrative Jury member is Wim De Witte (Program Director Flanders International Film Festival). The Flanders International Film Festival is considered an official "A" film festival by the International Federation of Film Producers so I'm very honored to have Wim De Witte judging my work.


Tutti von Frutti said...

What an excellent example of Australian cinematic Ambassadorship!

Rups said...

Well, I have to represent my small minority somehow! :) Rups

frank said...

free now.....
at last the success flows like the fountain of youth that will one day mean so much to the world that matters to you most... and those that can appreciate depth within the rational of "why film?"...well done mate!

Rups said...

Indeed Frank, why film, why film indeed Frank :) Rups

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