Sunday, 15 March 2009

Winners The One Minutes Belgium Open 2009

You can watch the first place films on the One Minutes Belgium Open website. Congratulations to all the winners and I hope the audience and jury enjoyed Errol Flynn's Pianist!

Third Place: Conceal - Lysandre Begijn & Petri De Schepper (Belgium)
Second Place: A natural morning - Marieke Vanwuytswinkel (Belgium)
First Place: I.o.m.p.c.v.m.s.i.o.t.c.t.i.o.c.d. - Joël Rabijns (Belgium)

Third Place: 1M62 - Francois Grandjacques (France)
Second Place: Ten seconds - Steven Wouterlood (Netherlands)
First Place: I fought the law - Ivan Klepac & Slave Lukarov (Croatia)

Third Place: The one minute walking tour presents: Wroctaw, Poland - Matti Havens (Poland)
Second Place: Noël au village - Séraphin Zounyekpe (Benin)
First Place: Dust in the Wind - Bram van Bree (Belgium)

Third Place:Der Raum - Abby Troxell (USA)
Second Place: Gezusters Lemblé - Hélene Lemblé (Belgium)
First Place: Serafina due - Volja (Netherlands)

Third Place: Paper tree - Alexander Tsimbalist (Lithuania)
Second Place: A lousy story - Stan Loiseaux (Belgium)
First Place: Wallflower - Wiet Lengeler (Belgium)

Visual Effects
Third Place: Folly symmetry - Frank ter Horst (Netherlands)
Second Place: Essay - Anabela Costa (Portugal)
First Place: Vanessa - Maurits Wouters (Belgium)

Prize of the Public:
Mathilda - Jolien Haesen (Belgium)

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