Monday, 13 April 2009

Art by Chance

"Technology's not going to change the number of geniuses in the world, but there has been a whole middle zone of quite talented people who don't have that superhuman gift. Some of the lounge pianists I've heard are pretty good. They're not going to play Carnegie Hall, but they're pretty good." - Bill Viola (American Video Artist)

Art by Chance is a roaming Global Festival that was brought to my attention by Video Artist Clint Enns. Although the deadline of this festival has closed, it might be a good idea to bookmark their page for the next event. Eleven countries and sixty cities will be participating in the event.

Video Art relies heavily on imagery and sound, and is less concerned with close-ended or open-ended narratives and rather looks for experiments with the actual technology behind the capturing. So it is different from Abstract Cinema and Experimental Cinema.

If you are interested in making Video Art or would like to experience more of what it is all about you can visit Video Art Net, an underground network of Video Artists, or go to the Post Video Art site which I'm not sure is being updated these days but have a poke around regardless. Then there is V-Tape which seems to be a Video Artists resource out of Canada.

There are performance aspects associated with Video Art as the form lends itself to installation work and VeeJay. I use AV Mixer Lite from Neuromixer, and it doesn't do such a bad job for a free program. Nowdays I'm looking into using it for educational conferencing trialling ways to deliver theory using principles, of VeeJaying, EduPunk and Persuasive Technologies.

Video Artists may know of better sites but these are the ones I found with a quick search using my Russian search engine called Gogol. Speaking of Art, have a look at Rachel Arieff's site, a North American Burlesque Artist performing and I presume living in Spain, who I was recommended to by a filmmaker. Rachel has an interest in Anti-Karaoke and El-Grito, which means in Spanish "Cry" or in Rachel's case "The Scream". "Anti-Karaoke is a fusion between a rock concert, a Broadway musical, and a crazy house party."

Here she is below performing Sympathy for the Devil in a nurse's cap and covered in streaks of fake blood.

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