Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bolzano Short Film Festival 2009

The festival of 'No-Words'. Actually this year there are two new categories - German language films and Comics (Wordless Comics that narrate without the 'balloon'). The German language category does not have the same restrictions as No-Words or Short Film Experiment.

Entry is free if you wish to submit to the Bolzano Short Film Festival, just remember that submissions are open to shorts that do not use dialog or written text to communicate the narrative. The Online entry form can be found here. The Bolzano Short Film Festival is held in in Bolzano, Italy.

Why German language films you ask? Well Bolzano is in South Tyrol, an autonomous province in Northern Italy. It has a special statute where the rights of the German minority in that region are preserved. You'll notice that the Bolzano Short Film Festival has 'English', 'Italian' and 'German' as the website languages. That is because German is the second language for many residents in South Tyrol.

So if you make films without words, experimental movies, German language films or draw comics without speech bubbles then go and read the website for more details.

Soon up on snuffboxfilms, the exciting diary of making a music video clip. With Fuck Trust pretty much complete except for a Sound Master. The next project bumper to bumper is over-seeing the production of the video clip of the underground synth-pop spoken word rap Remix This. We have a cast and crew of about fifteen I think. The clip is in collaboration with Koshowko, brainchild of Polish born philosopher turned music producer, Martin K. The video clip is being Directed by Syed Abubu, and will feature the Talent of James Jackson, Frank Barresi, and 1930's style Cabaret performer Frank Darling.

I wont even be in the clip! Which is a good thing really, I think I'm getting enough exposure with The Band screening at the Cannes Film Market this year.

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