Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Cortopotere Short Film Festival IX Edizione

Bergamo is a town in Lombardy, Italy. The name of the town comes from a traditional dance called Bergomask. A dance that featured in Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream. The Cortopotere Short Film Festival runs between 25 - 31 october 2009. The deadline for getting your films in is 8th june 2009. There is no entry fee for this festival. Films of any type are welcome, fiction, experimental and animation. There is a maximum duration of 20 minutes but for documentaries, 30 minutes is the max.

You can fill out the Online entry form here. There is a competition attached to the films so good luck to all the entrants! Don't forget to read over the regulations, you'll need to put the standard not for commercial use, cultural purposes only label on your postal package.

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