Friday, 10 April 2009

DepicT! 09

The Guardian reckons that DepicT! is the United Kingdom's most important film festival, although other UK film festivals might disagree. Don't let that argument stop you from entering your films though. DepicT! is part of The Brief Encounters Short Film Festival ... I had a film that I directed the photography and lit on called "Break-Up International" which played Encounters many years ago.

Films submitted to DepicT!must be 90 seconds in duration, that means you've got one minute and thirty seconds to entertain, shock, surprise, inform or titillate. Why 90 seconds? Why not the usual 60 seconds or 30 seconds? I have no idea. Perhaps you know and can tell me.

The main DepicT! Award is a tidy sum of £2000, what that means is ... a fair wad of dough. Just remember that all prize money received from festivals sourced from the snuffboxfilms requires a 10% spotter's fee, just pop it into the PayPal donation box on the sidebar of this Blog. I'm kidding around of course, but seriously if you are mad enough to do it, who am I to stop you!

So let us work it out, the formula for making a 90 minute Hollywood feature film is 3-6 months pre-production, 2-4 months production and 6-8 months post. So, let's use the maximum amount of time for each of the stages and add them up to 18 months which is a year and six months. You've got until September which is five months away to produce your ninety second film. We now have to reduce months to hours to minutes and then back to months.

18 months equals 13140 hours. 13140 hours equals 47304000 minutes. 1.6% of the work load is what you will be factoring into your time frame. Doing some maths I worked out that you will need to commit 210.24 hours, so divide that by 3 means that you will need to devote 70.08 hours per month for pre-production, production and post-production. If there are 730 hours in one month then you will end up devoting three days per month in order to finish your project. That's three days pre-production, three days production and three days post-production.

Easy! Of course I suck at maths and had to labor through these calculations and probably fucked up somewhere but at least it gives you some idea of what you are in for.

The deadline for entries is Mon 7 Sept ‘09,

Here is the brief for submitting your films, and here, here, and here are my previous posts on DepicT!

Now if you don't have a 90 second film to submit to DepicT! consider using the rate stretch tool in Premiere and reduce your 90 minute feature down to ninety seconds.

Now that I think about it, having recently perused the bargain sales bin of a local video store, it wouldn't be a bad idea if some producers actually took this idea and put it to fruition.

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