Sunday, 19 April 2009


EXiS2009 is an experimental film and video work festival in Seoul, South Korea. The deadline is May 15th, that is "post-marked", so even if you send it on the 15th, your film will still be submitted. You can browse all the entry forms and regulations in English here.

There is no fee attached to EXiS. When mailing, please be sure to mention "without commercial value, for cultural purpose only". Also remember to tick the "no value" spot on your International declaration forms, I usually put in zero and then tick the "gift" box. Preview format can be in PAL or NTSC, but not the closely related cousin to PAL, SECAM (Might have something to do with North Korea using that format).

Any format and and length will be conbsidered, so if you've turned War and Peace into Video Art or Abstract Cinema, go for it!

The event is being held in the Seoul Art Cinema, IndieSpace, and Space Cell arthouse.

So whether you are a Lettrist or a graduate from the Black Mountain College, get thee to a Post-Box.

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frak said...

that's a great relief ...I was aware deep down in amongst the ginga-bans and nore-bans there was something else that Korean's culture could offer me and now I may have the opportunity to really be a part of it all...cheers m8! let's get down and international for that's where our heart truly lies...

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