Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Melbourne Underground Film Festival X

MUFF X is at it again, fiddling about as Keith Moon would say. You can read my previous post on MUFF X here.

"It appears MUFF is banned from the Withoutabox website due to our controversial nature." says Richard on the MUFF X website. Personally I think the Short Film Depot has a much better range of festivals going for it then Withoutabox. I don't much like Withoutabox mainly because from a filmmakers point of view I see them as a sort of Filmkea, everything looks great from a distance but close up it is just generic rubbish.

Having said that, from a festival organisers point of view I understand the desire to be on the "network" so to speak, but I think the Accent Underground crew should hire a few IT people and make a Withoutabox for underground and alternative film festivals only. They could call it Movie Metro - "Deliver your films to the best underground film festivals with one valid ticket" or some such slogan.

Personally I think The Melbourne Underground Film Festival can still be the best film festival in Melbourne without a box. Actually if MUFF are now without a box, does that make The Melbourne Underground Film Festival's nomenclature of applying its acronym to its controversy more Hermaphrodite?

Although, because I am in a pseudo cheery mood (An ex-girlfriend of mine dropped in from the Emirates and presented me with a carton of Gitanes, my favourite cigarette) I will say that that Withoutabox doesn't actually concern me at all - my films wouldn't play most of the festivals registered on it, and that is because the audiences that attend those festivals are most likely incompatible with my films. It would be like me turning up to a Frat Party with my copy of António Ferreira's The Tragedy of Ines de Castro under my arm and attempting to engage a drunk dumb ox on the themes of loyalty, innocence, faith and cruelty within the play. I'd get the contents of a red paper cup full of fraternity soda in my face and a black eye.

More and more so the knowledge-gap hypothesis theory or the great knowledge divide is less about access to information and more about the lack of really wanting it. The knowing and the know nots. As with the rich and the poor, the old and the young, so too has the liberal arts combined with critical thinking become a pariah's Island far from the Purgatorio mainland of obscurants.

Finally can anyone shed some light on the controversy of the The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2009? The NYIIF according to Anon who has posted some experiences of filmmakers with this festival, whether or not it is real or just a kind of gateway for someone's wallet.

I didn't realise this when I did my initial post but apparently they get filmmakers to register and then chase them up for a $300 fee to have their film screened. I had a filmmaker from New York contact me about going to screening nights and doing reviews (If you are reading this, I have lost your email because Gmail erases all conversations when you clean up your Trash Bin, so send me another email if you like/can), maybe I should send him along as a secret snuffboxfilms agent to expose them at their game?

Also stay tuned for a write up on Anthology of Interest a short film show screening on Channel 31 and how you can submit your work not without a box but on the box.

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