Saturday, 11 April 2009


MobMov are global guerrilla drive-in movements, and the name says it all, a mob on the move, with mobile movies, or if you want to get really semantic about it, think of their CamelCase as being also a homographic - people projecting visual presentations. Of course I could play on words all night and frequently injure myself and others.

I have been rendering 20 minutes worth of footage for hours so here goes a wee hour post on this innovative subculture I have tumbled across at 2:42am MobMov sets itself up in various locations that are revealed before the screening, taking place on walls of disused factories and other buildings. They contact their fans via email and I was wondering if they had thought of using Twitter as a means of promoting their screenings. A quick search discovered that they do have a Twitter profile but have yet to crank up the dynamo handle on it as far as revving up recipients, but why not go follow them so that when they do you'll get a Twitter just in time to start popping some corn.

They even have a tutorial and manifesto on starting your own MobMov where-ever you are, and a collective group for all the people who have started their own around the world. It seems that this has been pretty well publicised in the States but I thought I'd bring it to the attention of the global readers of snuffboxfilms (a great supporter of guerrilla arts, culture jamming and what snuffboxfilms does which is more Bonobo B-Grade Bonsai Bijou Specktacles.

And for you filmmakers (which is most of us undergroundlings) they even have an option to submit your movie for screening, go here for the film submission form. This is a fantastic idea because basically filmmakers can take their films to the streets - fuck the theatres who only think of audience revenue and marketability of movies, do what the graffiti artists have been doing for decades and break down the barriers of conventional spaces. This is theatrical terrorism in the cinematic sense. Don't forget to call your local council for permission first though ;)

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