Sunday, 5 April 2009

The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2009

*Edited update - see end of post*

Hear ye, hear ye ...

"The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival is currently accepting entries (feature, shorts, documentaries, music videos, etc.) for LA, July 2009 and NYC, Fall 2009."

The website still wont load on my Mac so I'm just hoping the link does the trick on your personal computer. I thought it might be a browser thing because I use Flock, but I also tried it in Shiira and still no luck. Must be my machine because even having now just tried Safari it says it can't find the server, but I know it exists because I filled in an entry form ... I think.

What I do know is that The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival runs four times a year. Without being able to get to the website, for now I shall leave it up to you to until I get there.

------- update --------------

This Festival is far from free, actually for a festival whose website wont load it is amazing they are asking $300 US for short films (Under 60 minutes). Indeed every link on their entry form didn't load, but I have seen the main site up there before therefore it must be an issue with their server. Investigating further, I went to their YouTube channel and saw typical film festival video fluff you get from any event. Nothing overly amazing or special, nothing worth forking out $300 US for, so it's not a sham exactly but it isn't FREE, so snuffboxfilms has to flag it :)

Of course snuffboxfilms does do write ups of some festivals that charge but mostly only the good ones.


Anonymous said...

This festival is bullshit. I would recommend that people really consider entering.

They phoned me at home and said that they would love to include my short in their festival where such and such industry types and such and such celebrities would be there to see it. They then proceeded to pressure me (telemarketer style) to pay their submission fee of $300 over the phone at that moment.

I asked them to send me an e-mail and to give me some time to think about it (knowing full well I would tell them to go fuck themselves). So, anyways I sent them a letter telling them that I charge $300 to screen my film and that if they wanted to we would just call it even. Of course, they didn't reply.

Rups said...

Thanks for the warning :)

Anonymous said...

Let me know if the same thing happens to you.

Anonymous said...

More proof:

I think more should be written about this. If it happens to you would you be willing to write about it?

Anonymous said...

last one:

Feed me, Seymour!

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