Saturday, 25 April 2009

Send your film OFF

My previous posts on the Oblò Independant Short-Film Festival can be located at this designated link, and here also.

Here are the conditions ...


Concerning the sponsoring, the movies must respect the Oblò principles (no private sponsors with lucrative aim)


Each film director engages itself to yield the diffusion rights to the Oblò for the screening sessions and for the trailer.


The movies copies will be archived at the cinema Oblò


The maximal length of the movies is 15 min.


Foreign movies with French or English subtitles are of course welcome


Movies submission is open from now until the 1st of July

You can go get your entry form here.


kaz said...

Hi Rups, how do you do that Label Cloud? I want one! Kaz

Rups said...

Hi Kaz,

I remember if I got it from Phydeaux3 or from Blogger Buster - I know that Blogger Buster has a pretty neat animated Flash cloud but I had too many Labels for it, I tried reducing my labels but didn't find that satisfactory because I wanted more detail in my labels and I like having a messy Blog - I hope this helps! :) Rups

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