Monday, 20 April 2009

Toronto Urban Film Festival 2009

TUFF is programmed on the Onestop network of 270 LCD screens on over 50 subway platforms of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The Toronto Urban Film Festival runs concurrently in September with the Toronto International Film Festival. The festival runs from 11-20 September.

Here are the urban categories for 2009 are:

Urban Diversity - Urban Encounters - Urban ideas
Urban Imaginary - Urban Journeys - Urban Natural and Urban Secrets

The seven themes are:

Films must be:

* Urban Encounters – the moments that make city-living worthwhile

* Urban Diversity – the differences that make us stronger

* Urban Journeys – the multitude of ways we navigate our city

* Urban Imaginary – hopes for the future of municipalities

* Urban Natural – the living city, both nurtured and oppressed

* Urban Secrets – stories about the hidden or forgotten city

* Urban Ideas – the opinions and politics of an engaged populous

The deadline for submissions is July 15th.

Films must be:

* 60 seconds (exactly!)
* 720 x 480, square pixels if possible
* 30 fps, deinterlaced if possible
* No audio

To submit a film pop along to here.

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