Friday, 15 May 2009

Athens Video Art 2009 Selection

The selection has been made for the Athens Video Art Festival 2009, you can check out the selected artists on this page.

Well done to all those filmmakers, animators, installation artists, and digital image artists.

See what I have had to say previously about this Video Art Festival here.

I'm coming down with Flu I think, which possibly may have contributed to me feeling so flat over the last few days. Tonight, we have our final production meeting for the Remix This video clip. I have some footage to put up for my Production Diary. The Test Shoots have been really successful so far, and I'm looking forward to the final result of weeks of careful preparation.

Also stay alert for my latest one minute epic Wisecracks, which goes into production 8th July. All talent and crew have been confirmed, it is now just a matter of putting it all together over the next coming months. My Cinematographer will be in France for the Annecy 2009 - International Animation Film Festival where his Claymation film called News! has been selected for screening.

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