Friday, 1 May 2009

The Band - Cast and Crew Screening

Bonding with The Band. Primary actors Me, JimStar, Butch Midway, Anthea Eaton and Director Anna Brownfield assemble for an after-screening cuddle. The photographer just happened to be there.

Sometimes you get wonderful opportunities to hoard in your mental aeries and 'brag' about to oneself in stormier and moodier times for the sake of comfort and self-confidence. The screening of Anna Brownfield's feature film The Band at the Cannes Film Market in May is one such opportunity. Thanks to Multivisionnaire Pictures and the determination of Anna to get the film through to an audience. If it were left to the Censor-Bots patrolling this country, the film would have probably sat on the shelf for several years before even being allowed a screening at even an 'underground' film event.

However, The Band will screen in two events this year, one in Cannes, France and the other in Berlin, Germany.

So I finally got to see it at the Cast & Crew screening night. I arrived at the night with no expectations as has become my fashion of late. I must say that I thought it was a very decent film and I loved what Anna has made of it, with some interesting techniques that I wasn't expecting. The explicit scenes were shorter and more stylised then I had expected, but each one was stylised in context to the scene. The pacing of the film also was a surprise, it strummed its way through each scene like the refrains in one of its songs. Although quite different from her first feature film The Money Shot, it retained some stylistic elements I can see Anna developing over the projects and years to come.

Anna did us justice as performers and faces on the big screen which I am releived about, nothing like doing a cringe mid squirm over some line or other coming out of your mouth. I was for once 100% happy. It was great being able to catch up with the other cast especially Butch Midway who is off to Japan with his band, the charming Anthea Eaton, and the ever fortuitously roving Jimstar.

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