Thursday, 28 May 2009

Dasein Productions

Yianni Warnock is introducing his production company Dasein Productions. Have a peek or poke of some of their work on Vimeo. Dasein in German which translates to "being here/there", it is a philosophical concept of existence and both Heidegger and Nietzsche used it in context for experiencing a cohesion in the predicament of being alive.


Frank Barresi said...

Kick the air that crushes me with the frustrations of contemporary society
A society with an heir of superiority that needs to be severely reprimanded for the hurt it creates
A society that is threatened by those things slightly unusual
Those with true gifts who express indifference will be crushed and brought to a state of total suppression to conform to a dull witted society because these extremes are too scary for the mass populous of a world that believes "wild" is a problem and which only believes that "wild" should be left for rock stars, circus freaks and zoos.

Rups said...

Indeed, but even rock stars these days are trained to be wild :) Rups

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