Monday, 25 May 2009

I've Seen Films 2009 Jury

The amusingly titled I'VE SEEN FILMS has received 3000 films from 92 countries and finalists will be selected at the end of this month. I'VE SEEN FILMS was established by the international artist Rutger Hauer who appeared in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. The mission of I'VE SEEN FILMS is "the world-wide promotion of the works of filmmakers who deserve exposure and visibility for their works but rarely achieve this from the classic-formula film festivals."

The 2009 Jury panel are:

"director and producer Ridley Scott; director and producer Robert Rodriguez; director, composer and producer Lech Majewski; actress Miranda Richardson; director and producer Eugenio Cappuccio; photographer, director, producer and writer Anton Corbijn; producer, director and writer Bill Bristow; film essayist and TV author Daniela Catelli; film festival artistic director and writer Teresa Cavina; film critic, university lecturer and writer Roberto Nepoti; writer and director Jeremy Eynon and Rutger Hauer."

I'VE SEEN FILMS is held in Milan. Make sure if you weren't one of the 3000 filmmakers from 92 countries, that you goto a site like Remember the Milk, and sign up to create task lists, reminders and calendars so that next year you don't forget to enter your film.

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