Saturday, 30 May 2009

TUFF 2009

Whilst most of the surrounding fellowship of film in my locality focus their attentions on the Outer Hebrides of the Elite Biograph, I would like to divert my own attentions to TUFF (The Toronto Urban Film Festival) and a one minute initative which is being supported by Trinity Square Video. I'm talking about the TUFF - TSV Pitch Award. Where by pitching your one minute movie idea to TUFF you could win some nice backing towards your project.

So what do you have to do to be eligible to be in with a chance to gain sixty seconds of success? Just send TUFF the idea of your film, and your CV. Deadline is June 15th (Extended). It doesn't state whether or not it is restricted to Canadian residents so you might want to check.

However if you just want to send the Toronto Urban Film Festival your one minute movie, then you've got until July 15th to do so, and entries are accepted Internationally and are entry fee free.

Goto the TUFF website for all the details. My previous write-up on TUFF 2009 can be viewed in glorious snuffboxcolour here.

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