Thursday, 21 May 2009

Video Production Diary: Remix This

At the moment I'm hard in Production mode with two short films. The first is the music video clip for Remix This which has begun its radio airplay season with a few royalties starting to trickle in which is very lovely. I have also been battling a rather debilitating Flu which had me losing my voice on Wednesday, partly from having taken all day classes where pausing to stop talking was minimal - this was mainly to do with the size of the first class which has nearly twenty students so questions continuously are being bounced between the delivery of my lesson plan.

So Wednesday morning my Doctor called me at about 8:15am to tell me she'd resigned from the Medical Center I had an appointment at and I attempted to talk to her but sounded like Bobcat Goldthwait from Police Academy. I've therefore spent much of my time giving extra gusto to doing my dutiful husband chores of washing, sweeping, gardening, cooking etc without spending as much time in front of the computer as the inertia makes my Flu feel worse, it is better to be active and sleep well when sick then kind of slither through it by doing nothing in a sticky stream of diseased goop.

Depending on the resolution of your computer screen and the quality of your phone camera and datamatrix scanner - you should be able to download the track directly from iTunes at the end of the Part One 'Behind The Scenes' video on YouTube.

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