Sunday, 10 May 2009

Visible Verse 2009

Visible Verse 2009 is a film festival that screens Videopoems. Visible Verse is now in its tenth year. The films screen at the Pacific Cinémathèque in Vancouver Canada. Format must be in NTSC and poems should be fifteen mintues or under. I think I cracked the joke of recitations of Leaves of Grass being slightly over duration, unless you do Leaves of Grass the expedited version.

Entry to Visible Verse is free from submission cost. The deadline is September 1st 2009. My previous post for Visible Verse 2008 can be viewed here.

So what exactly is a Videopoem? Sometimes referred to as Poetronica (I like to call them Voems as opposed to Pideo which sounds a bit unhygienic), Videopoems are where spoken word and Video Art converge. An example of a Videopoem or Voem might be local Melbourne poet Steve Smart's Train Trip clip for Transit Lounge.

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