Saturday, 16 May 2009

Zombie Cola

In Australia, a zombie movie is being made which you can register to be a Zombie in. The film goes into production in 2010, and it is has a Zombie Cola drink tie in, hence the website is called Zombie Cola. The film itself is called Numurkah The Movie. I'm not sure if it is actually being filmed in Numurkah which is an agricultural town in North East Victoria.

I know very little about the details of this film but if you've ever craved to play an Undead in a film, this might be your moment to shine, or rather decay. To register you can go straight here.

You can also sponsor a Zombie which I assume means putting one up from another State in your house. You could have so much fun, playing pin the rotting leg on the Tombstone or decomposing bladder bag fights, and even the Zombie version of Truth or Dare which is Wear or Tear.

If you like Zombies you might like to pop on over to Xombie for some Flash Toons or Comic Strips. Xombie has nothing to do with Zombie Cola but it's all Undead to me.

Of course you can be sure that Numurkah will not be like Porn of the Dead by Rob Rotten or Jenna Jameson's Zombie Strippers directed by Jay Lee, but it will be another Zombie film added to the growing list of films fulfilling the need for those who occasionally get the opportunity for a Zombie Lurch or March around town to have something they can really swagger and drool for.

I always liked Beetlejuice, but then again I'm probably pretty mainstream in my Zombie tastes. Below Michael Keaton who incidentally of course played Bruce Wayne in the first Batman movie as directed by Tim Burton casually asks Heath Ledger who played The Joker in The Dark Night where he gets his lip rouge from.

Picture by Curtis at Hey Okay.


Anonymous said...

Yes you are right. The movie will be here, The Producer John L. Simpson has visited and screened one of his films for the locals. Great for the town. Look at

Rups said...

That's great but how does Nurmurkah feel about having a town full of Zombies? Where are they all going to stay? And what precautions have the locals taken for wandering Undead? But most importantly, aside from Zombie Cola, will there be a local brew available for Zombies?

Zombie Ale?

Or will it be Zombie Cola and Whiskey Chaser.

I'm trying to get my students on board for this film, although I'm not so much Zombie material myself, i think it will be a lot of fun!

:) Rups

Rainbow Snake said...

Errrm last I checked, Numurkah was far North Victoria, not South East!

Rups said...

Whoops, right you are Rainbow Snake, that was a typo. North East Victoria. is what its tourism website says.

Rups :)

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