Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BUT Film Festival 2009

The BUT Film Festival 2009 happens in Breda, Netherlands September. The deadline is August the 1st 2009. BUT is an International film festival of B-Movie, Underground and Trash.

John Waters will be the special guest of this year's BUT Film Festival. BUT caters for fans of "of bizarre, experimental or otherwise distorting movies" and delivers "super sleazy slashers, special art movies, disturbing documentaries and flower power styles."

Entry to BUT is free.

You can access the application form here.

Breda is a southern city in the Netherlands. It has a festival called Red Head Day which is sponsored by the government and attracts visitors from at least twenty countries. The festival is for people with natural red hair. The festival takes place in September which is when the BUT Film Festival is on, so you might want to factor this in with your film and include a cast of natural redheads. Why not.

On other news, I have been toying around with the Post Title Fonts but so far have not reached a satisfactory result, so I've gone back to the Blogger default. We also had a disaster tape fuck up with the music video shoot, and as it turns out, the Director needs to re-shoot a whole day's filming and to make matters worse it can only be done in a different and inferior location. I only heard about it wirelessly but these things happen in the world of film. Bruce Robinson remarked that a friend once told him that no matter how nice a day it is, no matter how good your equipment or crew, if you don't have luck with you on a shoot, you're fucked.

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