Sunday, 14 June 2009

Lost Peter Seller's films ... found.

More then thirty films have been uncovered in someone's garage hailing back to the 1950's starring Peter Sellers, Ronnie Corbett Prunella Scales amongst others. The films were produced by Adelphi (A company run by a chap called Arthur Dent funnily enough). The films, such as Penny Points to Paradise and Let's Go Crazy (Written by Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers) are currently going to be restored by the BFI and released on DVD. Both of those films features a young 26yr old Peter Sellers.

Kate Lees (Arthur Dent's granddaughter) stumbled across the films in the family garage. Most of them feature these comedians only in small roles, one which has Rolf Harris in it at the age of 25, has him only speaking three lines but what the heck, this is a fantastic find. So the lesson to be learned here is don't despair, keep on making your films if you can't get distribution, who knows, one day your kids might stumble across your efforts and hopefully your cast has gone on to achieve great things - you can always pitch your bets on a posthumous career if the present one refuses to budge.

Read the whole article here at Times Online.

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