Friday, 12 June 2009

Michael Nyman's music, your film.

Early photo of Michael Nyman in 1976 from a record called "Decay Music", produced by Brian Eno for Island Records. Picture and further details from Continuo's weblog.

Michael Nyman's music and your film is the current event organised by Shooting People, a website for independent filmmakers. You have to be a member to participate in the competition, but at only 30 Pounds for an entire year it is well worth making a hang-out of the Shooting People community. I mentioned the Shooting People website a few posts back last year when I Blogged on the Rootclip mad scientist episode, Media Mobz and my casting idea for the Spy vs Spy movie. You can read that thrilling post here.

This is your chance to be an up and coming Peter Greenaway. All you have to do is download Nyman's piece which is an adapted track from the film The Piano, make a film that suits the music, upload the video to either the Shooting People website (If you have a profile or want to enter the competition to win a 750 Pound training package from Frontline Club and a personal endorsement from Michael Nyman) or to YouTube.

I once asked Michael Nyman if he would like to compose the soundtrack to one of my short films a long time ago, I was fortunate enough to get a response, from his secretary however who informed me that Michael was too busy to commit to my project. Maybe this is my chance to re-edit that film using his soundtrack! Why didn't I just wait until this opportunity came about! Actually that isn't a bad idea, you could always coax your favourite composer into offering one of their works up for a competition and then use the track yourself if they are too busy to compose for your project or the Copyright fees are too weighty.

I'm a huge fan of Michael Nyman, infact I got married to his track "Chasing Sheep is Best Left to Shepherds" as my wife and I carrying my youngest son who was wearing a traditional wedding hat from Kosovo walked down the aisle. That track is from one of my all time favourite Peter Greenaway films The Draughtsman's Contract. Michael Nyman will be the judge of this competition so even if you don't win you can have the satisfaction of saying that Michael Nyman has personally viewed your film. I wont be sending my work in, I want his hands to remain steady for the duration of his career.

Michael Nyman is has currently finished composing for a Ken McMullen film entitled Guns & Poetry.

So goto the Michael Nyman website to download Nyman's track and make movies.

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