Sunday, 14 June 2009

Production Diary: Remix This Unmixed (Part Three)

Almost there at the very end process of creating a music video clip. It has been an interesting process stepping back from the creative side of things, it will be interesting to see how it eventuates. There is one more "Behind the scenes" to cut before the actual clip gets released. Next week I'll be sourcing some time to Mobilize my previous one minute movies, and make way for the next film being shot early July.

Plenty of fantastic folk helped to put the clip together, my duty was really more so from a spectators point of view, which was a relief in a sense, mainly to do with other commitments but I poked my Handy-Cam around the place and attempted to catch some of the essence of what was going on.

It has been a dull week. Dull in the head really. Partly to do with my own mood and partly to do with a hectic squishing of time which has pushed me a little too hard into the grindstone. Oh well, the garden is looking good at least.

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