Thursday, 4 June 2009

Secrets and Lives

Director Mike Leigh checks in at the SBS Office to see whether or not they took the idea of his Secret & Lies title for their documentary initiative Secrets and Lives.

SBS, Australia's Special Broadcasting Service is offering $120, 000 per half hour documentary episode funding grants. This is an initiative hand in hand with Film Victoria. Details can be obtained on this page here.

The summary of the brief is ...

"The programming is for a strand on SBS Television which utilises humour and surprising, innovative approaches to factual story telling to deliver tough subjects, entertaining and engaging journeys, strong characters and, ideally, tackle the major social issues of our time."

The only disconcerting issue with these proposals is that SBS has a disclaimer that it holds no responsibility for future shows airing that may have similar ideas or themes as yours because there is a lot of content being developed or in the pipe-lines. Of course you can't Copyright ideas so if some office boy or girl gets to hear of your idea and snatches the best bits for s fresh proposal, you are left holding the staples.

Also, post-market and The Band has had its moment at Cannes.


frank said...

Hey Rups?
I have been looking at some of sameul beckets work of the 60s on youtube... like waiting for gotdit, and others... the one where the old man stare disturbs people and the way he looks into the camera and stuff like that is so much similar to the absurd style of Fuck Trust... and correct me if I'm wrong but he did a film I can't remember the title but it is just a mouth talking non stop... as you look the face beyond the lips is all black.. these lips and the movement and character reminded me of what you want to do with wise cracks and the clits you are about to this where you got the idea or do great minds just think alike?...

take care my friend...

Rups said...

I love Samuel Becket's work but no I haven't seen any film related stuff to Becket apart from the Becket styled Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard, the idea actually arose from Aardman's "Creature Comforts". I will have a look on YouTube and take a peek of this 1960's stuff.

Rups :)

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