Friday, 5 June 2009

Video Production Diary: Remix This (Part Two)

Results of the Remix This test shoots

Once again, production time is ticking over to the final lap and process of post-production. The second-unit shoot stuff has been gotten out of the way this week, which was all the stuff needed for the Green Screen business, and following that was a test shoot. I am trying to rest my mind a little, so will allow the brief video to speak for itself on what progress we are making along the line of the production process.

I had to make some adjustments to the "writers/directors" link list on the snuffboxfilms Blog sidebar. Unfortunately a few links had bitten the dust. Included was "Stabbers" the excellent Peter Cook site. The Tom Baker "tv" page (apparently temporarily out of action). The Bruce Robinson site (I assume coming back when The Rum Diaries with Johnny Depp is released) and the Coen Wiki (Not sure where that site has gone).

I've had a hell week this week including an anxiety attack that hit me halfway on my way to home whilst picking up some documents to take back to work. I had to call an ambulance and get my wife to race over from her work to retrieve me. I've suffered these attacks for about ten years now, and this is the second time it got so bad I had to get help. Sadly enough, as I was sucking up breaths in the rain collapsed against a fence, no-one in their cars who passed bothered to even ask if I was alright. Something I always do if I see someone who looks to be struggling. It just goes to show what a wonderfully humane spirit in general motivates our species.

Anxiety attacks feel like your head is going to pop off its shoulders from an overload of thoughts and stimulus, and your heart is going dislocate your shoulder by coming to a screeching halt as it collides against your ribcage. Panic sets in and the roller coaster ride of internal hell begins.

On to cheerier things however. I have therefore added a few more links to the sidebar including a site for Adrian Edmondson (Because I recently bought the complete series of The Comic Strip Presents...), a site for Peter Sellers and a site for Dorothy Parker (She is little known for her screen-writing work but she assisted penning the original screenplay of Hitchcock's Saboteur and also A Star is Born).

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