Monday, 15 June 2009

Winners of the 7th Irpen Film Festival

The Irpen Film Festival has announced its winners. If you are amongst them, congratulations! If not, then well done anyway for being part of the technophilia and voyeurism that is the world of watching and creating film.

7th Irpen Film Festival awards by Spectators:

1 place - "The painter of skies" (Jorge Morais Valle, Spain)
2 place - "The pink cloud" (Masoud Ghodsieh, Iran)

1 place - "Latent Beauty" (Mohsen Khodabandeh, Iran)
2 place - "A day in Bazaar" (Jalal Mehmannavaz, Iran)

1 place - "Mobile Postcard" (Peter Vadocz, Italy)
2 place - "Tehran 318" (Soran Mardookhi, Iran)

1 place - "Be oneself" (Viacheslav Pereviazko, Ukraine)
2 place - "Angels die in the soil" (Babak Amini, Iran - Iraq)

The best movie "Be oneself" by Viacheslav Pereviazko (Ukraine) was
awarded by the main prize of the festival - "Golden Film".

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