Tuesday, 23 June 2009

WPA Experimental Media Series 2009

Submission deadline is August the 1st, with no entry fee or membership required, if you make experimental film or video art, you might like to have a sniff around the Washington Project for the Arts website. You may submit up to three works, each with a max duration of fifteen minutes or under. DVD's must be in the NTSC format. The exhibition has a competition attached where the innovative work chosen will receive the Kraft Prize for New Media of $750 and there is another prize for an artist living and working in the Mid-Atlantic region of $750 called the WPA Experimental Media Prize.

The subject of your work is really up to you. Whatever your heart desires and something to record it with. Experimental and Video Art work is a superlative way to free yourself from the constraints of linear narrative, let yourself loose from the shackles of the story arch, run triumphantly away from the trammels of commercialism.

Washington was formally the District of Columbia, and is primarily referred to as Washington The District or simply D.C. It is the Capital of The United States. The WPA Experimental Media Series will be showcased in The Phillips Collection, America's first museum of modern art established in 1921, it is located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. You can volunteer there if you live in the area and have a passion for art.

So going back in time when Experimental Cinema popped in to break up the party being had by the mainstreamists, here below is the notorious film by Lettrist Guy Debord "Howlings in favor of de Sade".

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