Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Kick back, grab yourself a cup of Lapsang Souchong tea and have a look at Conceal by Lysandre Begijn and Petri De Schepper. It won third prize in the One Minute Belgium Open (Previously posted here on snuffboxfilms). It's a performance video, of which was linked in the comments form of one of the posts I did on The One Minutes Belgium Open 2009.

Once again I am having a really busy week and finding time to find time is extremely time consuming. I am hoping though to record an interview with the eccentric Boogie Knight of the silver screen and eclectic Fartist Matthew Silver on Sunday if we can sync our timezones.

So I will promise further updates on festivals when I can squeeze in some Blogging time through-out the week.


p said...

great surprise while in vain surfing the web...
thanx for blogging a video from us.


Rups said...

I enjoyed it - thanks for making it!

Feed me, Seymour!

I like to watch



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