Saturday, 18 July 2009

Errol Flynn's Pianist in Competition, Aarau Switzerland

My Bonsai Bijou Specktacle 'Errol Flynn's Pianist' has been selected from 500 entries to go into competition in the One Minute Film and Video Festival, Aarau Switzerland. You can catch up on my previous write ons about the festival in Aarau here and here. The festival screens from the 21st to the 23rd of August.

Another 'on set' moment, Errol Flynn's Pianist, photo taken by Big Bad Benny. Devika Bilimoria and Karen Liebau at the helm.

Filmmaker Clint Enns also has a film in the festival called 'botched eyeball operation'. It's a sixty second "horror film". You can view it on Vimeo although I recommend the squeamish keep their hand poised on the mouse for a quick drag down in case you get the jitters. Many people are sensitive to the "windows of the soul" being scratched, but I'm sure we've all sat and considered at times that we are just a stream of thoughts projecting from an iris. The eyes in our head thought of as the "I" of me, which takes on new and interesting meanings if you are blind or vision impaired.

The program for The One Minute Film and Video Festival is now Online for your perusal.

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