Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Pantheon Xperimental 2009

The Pantheon Xperimental 2009 is held on the 20th of November in Cyprus, and has a video component (The Xperimental film & video festival).

The Pantheon Cultural Association is responsible for screening works that bend and tweak theoria as experienced with video, screen and projection. They state that "The main aim is to bring the artists and the public closer to work which mirrors modern circumstances, troubled thoughts and personal views of their creators." - pop on over to the Pantheon Gallery and Exhibition website to find out what the Pantheon Cultural Association is all about.

Deadline for submissions is July the 31st. Your DVD entries should be PAL and Region 2. However you can have shot your material on anything. Duration of material must be at a max of 12 minutes. There is no fee attached to sending in your work or having it screened.

At the end of this sentence you can access the page with details and access for downloading the entry form.

Cyprus is the Mediterranean's third largest island. I have a copy of Lawrence Durrell's Bitter Lemons about his time spent in Cyprus, I was planning on reading it after I finished with The Black Book but I got sidetracked with James Agate's Bad Manners I think.

Cyprus this year came in at 62 on the Happy Planet Index ... whereas Australia sits at 102 just after Latvia and just before New Zealand.

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