Sunday, 5 July 2009

Production Diary: Remix This Unmixed (Part Four)

So disaster struck after the final days shooting, and half the footage was apparently lost through some corruption of the tape. However this final "Behind the scenes" cut reveals some of the process had in the prior location to the re-shoot. I wasn't at the re-shoot so I couldn't capture any fresh footage, however, I think you get the picture. The Remix This (Part Four) video had slightly less footage than all the others, but then again, this "Behind the Scenes" was only meant to be a glimpse of the process rather then a comprehensive doco style video.

Now we just wait until the final clip is polished and ready for distribution. A big thanks to everyone who worked and contributed on the project. Due to my time constraints I couldn't commit myself wholly to the project but I saw all those who did put in 100% and I believe the outcome will be splendid.

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