Friday, 3 July 2009

The Purge

Scene from The Purge by David King.

The Purge by David King, which is a quasi speculative fiction film featuring some BDSM. Made purposefully on an ultra-low budget which suits the pulp science fiction novel style its story-line draws upon. Reading up on the Director's statement, I liked how David stated that he didn't want to make a Hollywood "calling card" which so many of our filmmakers tend to be doing, but instead had obviously written a story he wanted to bring to fruition in the live action sense. It took about five years to make being shot on weekends and sporadically during months when it was able to be scheduled for production.

The film began production in 2002 and finished in 2007, and so in 2009 it has reached a completed outcome with a website devoted to its completion. You may find it an interesting read if you are wanting to attempt a feature film but the task seems too overwhelming as David managed to triumph over a spectacular array of obstacles. It proves that if you have a vision all it takes is time and perseverance. Why risk letting the years roll by and the film is never made.
In true underground auteur fashion, David did most of the technical jobs on the film, but you get that in the world of grit filmmaking. You can view the teaser trailer on the website. So I guess David has purged himself of his first feature film, what next?

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