Thursday, 27 August 2009

the 8 fest - Small-Gauge Film Festival

Wow the new Blogger WYSIWYG editor is slick isn't it? Anyway apart from my enthusiasm for picking up Apple's Snow Leopard this Friday and attempting to make arrangements with the composer of my next short film - I thought I'd post on the 8 fest Small-Gauge Film Festival since not all of us think that HDV Digital these days is the only way you can broadcast a script with actors in order to stimulate an audiences senses.

Entry to 8 fest is free. They even "screen" zoetropes! (I wonder if they cater for phenakistoscopes?) I so want to send them a Flip Book. Deadline is September the 30th. Here are some suggestions of the footage you can send them ...
  • Experimental, animated, personal, handmade.
  • Diary & essay films, documentaries.
  • Live performance and music mixed with film.
  • Films from everyday culture – historical footage, home movies. 
They do no exhibit projects completed on Cassette or Digital. The submission form can be retrieved by going to their website as linked at the beginning of this post. The festival will run in January 2010, and it takes place in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

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