Tuesday, 18 August 2009

One Minute Challenge 2009

Renderyard in the UK are signaling for entries into their One Minute Challenge. Deadline is November the 30th 2009. Films may be no longer than 1.9013243104086857e-8 of a Century, that's 60 seconds.

To submit, just register, log in, and upload. You can do so here. Winning is determined via an Online voting system, so instead of updating your social netwroking spaces with your latest views on what socks you've got on, update a link to your film so your friends can all go watch and vote.

Renderyard provides an Online residency for filmmakers and a hub for creative film types to linger in, resource information, share ideas, and trade skills. You can Upload work in HD quality at a max file size of 300MB. I wont say what that is in Zepto Bytes.

It's been a while since I flung a festival opportunity into the snuffbox so I thought I'd begin again modestly, starting from one minute and working my way up.

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