Thursday, 13 August 2009

Remarkables ... Interview with filmmaker Matthew Silver

Finally, I sourced a bit of time to put this video together. It was tough because Matthew and I talked for about half an hour and I needed to squeeze all the goodness into ten minutes. Some of the audio is a bit squeaky but recording sound is not one of my strong points and I didn't spend enough time fiddling with the mixing desk to prevent the feedback you may hear coming across every now and then ... but there you go, underground filmmaking is about the content and structure so sometimes in this video it sounds a bit like I am in a shack on the The Falkland Islands operating 1940's radio broadcast technology.

For further details on Matthew Silver's work ... head on over to The Man in the White Dress.


Adam Humphreys said...


Adam Humphreys said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic use of multimedia, Rups!

Rups said...

Thanks, a great joy to immerse oneself in the multitasking digital world.

Rups :)

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