Sunday, 23 August 2009

Showtime Talent Assist Scheme

The Showtime Talent Assist Scheme is still open for entries but close very shortly on September 11th.

Here are the details in glorious copy & paste ...

• The competition is open to all registered delegates
• Each film will be judged by the SHOWTIME TALENT ASSIST selection committee and their decision is final
• The winner will be screened to over 650 delegates including international guests, producers, financiers, acquisitions executives, programmers, distributors and broadcasters.
• The winner will receive a 1 Megapixel DVD Handycam sponsored by SHOWTIME
• Successful applicants will be notified by 12 October 2009.

Remember you have to be a registered delegate to enter, so go on over to the SPAA page and register for the SPAA Conference 2009.

Meanwhile ... have a look at the Free Lunch Show cartoon series pilot by Sure Shot Studios. Give them some constructive criticism, a rating or just a friendly neighborhood "Hallo".

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