Thursday, 20 August 2009

VISIBLE VERSE 2009 - deadline approaching.

Reminder that entries close soon ...

Be quick to get your Voems into Visible Verse 2009, as the deadline is September 1st. The theme for this year ... "SEE THE VOICE: Visible Verse is North America's sustaining venue for the presentation of new and artistically significant poetry video and film."

Here are the official guidelines.

* Visible Verse seeks videopoems, with a 15 minutes maximum duration.
* Either official language of Canada is acceptable, though if the video is in French, an English-dubbed or-subtitled version is required for consideration. Videos may originate in any part of the world, however.
* Works will be judged on true literary merit. The ideal videopoem is a wedding of word and image, the voice seen as well as heard.
* Please, do not send documentaries, as they are outside the featured genre.
* Videopoem producers should provide a brief bio, full name, and contact information in a cover letter. There is no official application form nor entry fee.

For more information please head on over to Heather Haley's page.

For previous posts on Visible Verse, you may peruse all once you click through this link.

So, if you are a filmmaker with a bit of time on your hands, why not approach a performance poet and offer to shoot a clip for one of their pieces. In Melbourne, you can contact poets by joining the Overload Nation Yahoo Group.

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