Friday, 11 September 2009

The abyss of the unwell

An unwell timed flu has prevented me from attending the Australian premiere of Errol Flynn's Pianist at the Sydney Underground Film Festival tonight. With arrangements made to catch flights and leave a Friday class I was planning on leaving early upon completing a presentation - all has gone to mess and I sit here with a drizzly nose and head like a sack of soaking Tapioca pearls.

I do wish people attending a great night of unadulterated bawdiness and insurrectionist cinema at Sgt. Ballsack’s Comedy Corner all the visual pleasure they can soak up, and wish I could be there to join them.

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The One Who Does Not Exist said...

Dear Sir,
it has come to my attention that life needs warmth and water... Errol knew this quite well and knew where to find it... Thanks Errol for setting an example for all to follow...

thanks for the message and hope to see you tomorrow but if you can't sweat ...ciao Watermelon Man...

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