Sunday, 20 September 2009

Nomad Minutes Montreal

For those of you who are Canadian residents in Montréal, Nomad Minutes is running an event where filmmakers have about a month to create a short work on the theme of Crossing. Films must be one minute of length and weigh no less then one stone. What I mean by that, is when you bring your film along to the screening night, bring a stone with you to place on a world map.

Details are:

To participate, simply bring your video in Quicktime H264 on the night of the event. Also bring a pebble to put on the map.

Monday, October 12th

7 pm : Receiving the videos

8 pm : Projection

So with pebble in hand (Why not make it a pet rock - disguise your pebble as your favourite film icon, it might be Oliver Stone or Rock Hudson) pop along to Nomads based at Nomad Station Media Café in Montréal.

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