Friday, 4 September 2009

Van Diemen's Land - The Movie

So we've had Australia directed by Mark Luhrmann and now we have Van Diemen's Land, but not just Van Diemen's Land, it is Van Diemen's Land, the movie, in case you think it might be Van Dieman's Land the the flat surface between the grooves of a phonograph record.

Being Tasmanian myself, I am quite watchful of Tassie product, I quite liked Young Einstein, as a kid. Although not strictly speaking Tasmanian content, the film was partially set there. Yahoo Serious was the first Australian to write, direct, produce and star in a feature film, and considering his effort, I think he did a pretty good job. It was the eighties after-alland when that film was released I was probably wearing Stone Washed Jeans and a Skid Row T-Shirt.

Directed by Jonathan Auf Der Heid, Van Diemen's Land is an extended version of his 2008 short film Hell's Gates. This film like Young Einstein is only partially Tasmanian product. The reason Tasmania got rid of the name Van Diemen's Land was because the reputation the Island had around the world as a villainous crime hub and the word "Diemen" became associated with "Demon". When I was born my birthplace had only had its name changed 120 years before.

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