Saturday, 31 October 2009

26th Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2010

Hamburg is a beautiful city, and it is there that you will notice the Hamburg International Short Film Festival holds its film screenings for short works from across the globe. It would be a bit silly if the Hamburg International Film Festival was held in Brazil or Greece, so in order to make geographical sense, you will notice that The Hamburg International Film Festival is held in Germany.

Entry to the HISFF lacks a fee so submission is kind on the wallet. The Online application form will soon be available so bookmark the festival site page so you can keep an eye on developments.

HISFF supports independent short film, and with an increasing amount of independent filmmakers as opposed to commercial ones, support for these festivals is absolutely imperative although not too much support otherwise they will mutate into mainstream festivals.

My previous posts on the HISFF can be perused here.

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