Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Band in Berlin 2009

Anna Brownfield's film The Band will be the opening film to The Berlin Porn Film Festival this year. For those of you unfamiliar with this film festival, it isn't what typically people expect of porn, but instead screens diverse and creative works on sexuality and sexually explicit expression. I was having a browse through the ExBerliner e-zine which has information in English about Berlin, cultural events, stuff for kids, restaurants and hotels et cetera - and I thought to myself as I was reading their write up on The Berlin Porn Film Festival under the Our Picks of Flicks, that in Australia you would never see in a general public publication support for a hardcore event such as that. You would never see in the local weekly delivered newspaper a write up of something that involves explicit sexual content as an "edutaining" option for a weekend outing.

The Band has been released on DVD in the US and Canada by Breaking Glass Pictures, an off-shoot of TLA Releasing in Philadelphia.

If you would like to read my previous posts on The Band, they are all here. Below is the German DVD cover release of The Band.

Below is the Trailer where you can see me wrap my tongue around the line "Shit Yeah", which constantly amuses my wife. (The Trailer has been removed because it violated YouTubes Content Terms of Condition ... so instead I have a picture of where it was on this Blog and then below that another Trailer still live on YouTube (Note: the second Trailer has been removed from YouTube but I have discovered another on Vimeo which is now embedded instead).

The Band (Trailer) from Breaking Glass Pictures on Vimeo.


frank said...

this provokes the desire to be involved... yet we are involved when we watch... I saw a surreal photograph of a couple having sweet and the most purist of fucks and all around the outside of them were thousands of eyes watching... this is common in society too... you are right .. to celebrate this through edutaiment does not happen here where we live an yet the oz culture can be a lot quicker at humilating such an act through CCTV and other such exposure.. thanks for sharing and making the oz culture a little sweeter...

Rups said...

Thanks Frank, you are only too right ... actually I was thinking the other day that if someone was to take their partner to a secluded nook and have a quick shag, it is ridiculous that potentially someone walking past might be offended. Narrow minds cause narrow cultures.

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