Thursday, 15 October 2009

Climate Change Attitude

This is how much I love the rain ...

My Post for Blog Action Day is a rant against the Summer Lovers! It may not have any substantial facts or figures but it feels good just to let fly with some Pro-Winter waffling.

One thing that has always bugged me about people is their love of Summer. I am inherently a Winter person, I adore the cold, it revives my mood, I lap up cloudy rainy days in the same way that other people crave sunshine and blue skies. The symbolism to Climate Change is to me vulgar in the cravings of Summer Lovers. Their desire for sunny weather is vacuous and overbearing. They never shut-up about sunny days, and they never cease to want to tell us Winter Lovers how "lovely" or "nice" a day is if the sun is out. One of the consequences of Climate Change is erratic weather, and this means reduced Winter periods, less rain, as we have been experiencing in Melbourne for about eleven years.

Will the Summer Lovers only be completely happy when they get to sun bake on a terrain not dissimilar to Dune? Will they be out tanning themselves on an arid landscape devoid of moisture and luscious greenery?

Most people seem to like sunny weather as it easily shifts their mood, on the most shallow level of this shift, it is simply a childlike cheeriness brought on by brightness, like Golem's love for glittery ornaments.

Sun Lovers usually appear like Red Lobsters and there is a myth that tanned skin looks healthy. I think not. In my humble opinion, I think it looks like someone spends too much time parking their bodies into Vanity Detailing so that their appearance over-compensates a lack of inner refinement and sophistication.

I will always be a rainy day, cloudy weather soul, and will always be bemused why Summer people need to point out their appreciation of the weather to everybody else. I suppose because my father was a Meteorologist, I am well versed with weather updates and really don't find them as exciting as other people do.


Frank Barresi said...

Well? this is something...a rainy day is wild and a sunny day is all over us like a rash... well put my friend .. this has been a pleasnt read .. it takes me to a New Mountain and the desire for Rain..


Rups said...

I attempted a rain dance with Cesar not long ago, and we even improved on the idea and did a Storm Dance, might have worked considering we've had some nice rain fall lately. Rups :)

Shane Gardiner said...

An interesting and amusing read. I dig it. I, too, crave the brisk Winter of this area of this planet.

Rups said...


Indeed, bring on next Winter!!!

Rups :)

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