Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Nachtshots is a nocturnal one minute video competition in collaboration with Museumnight and N8 Cineville, with a deadline of November the 4th. If you get your video made before October 10th however, you may just also get it featured in the Nachtshots trailer. The prizes are the following ...

Audience prize: The Cinevillepass and the Museumcard which grant you a yearlong free entrance to museums and art houses in Amsterdam.
Jury prize: a Flip Mino HD Camera.
Winners have the chance to be nominated for The One Minutes Awards in Shanghai.
 To enter all you have to do is create a YouTube Account and Upload your video. The maximum amount of entries is three films. Your theme is to present a one minute portrayal of night and culture. Once you have done all this, simply add it to the Nachtshot's page, where right now you can view other people's representations of the theme. One such video up at the moment shows a Snackbar in Beijing China that serves live Scorpians on sticks.

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