Thursday, 22 October 2009

Peace Rant

Here is a very fine opportunity to film 60 seconds (Or edit existing Rant footage) for the cause of World Peace, Personal Peace, Domestic Peace, Neighbourhood Peace. Peace Rant is a site that streams Rants on Peace. The project was initially developed in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Sign.

As with Climate Change, problems relating to encouraging Peace are manifold. It has to do with attitudes mainly, and I always figure that humankind are not far from their heritage of conquer and destroy, whether it be a personal ploy for power or some nationalistic narcism. In my mind patriotism in practice is an imbeciles past-time, don't get me wrong, I enjoy heraldic notions as part of an imaginative and creative fantasy but like most fantasies the pleasure lies in their representation not reality.

We all recognise, most of us, that War is above the law, and the hypocrisy is strife amongst our governing bodies who have preened social norms to make mountains out of molehills and heroism out of the military. It's embarrassing really, and each soldier should be brought to trial when they return from battle and have to justify putting a bullet into another person just like anyone else in society. So go up to your local military barracks and make a citizens arrest. However, we've partitioned War with a meta-ethical condition which is why you get notions like War Crimes, because apparently crime exists within war and not the war itself. Ludicrous logic.

Anyhow, the Peace Rant is your opportunity to get in front of camera and be on a Soap Box for sixty seconds putting across your view on the subject of Peace.

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