Monday, 5 October 2009

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The Censor

Where is the Pornography? It took some time but Google's YouTube skidded Undergroundfilm's YouTube Channel to a halt, and plucked amongst others I assume, my short film "Errol Flynn's Pianist" off the NetStreams. Why the system fails as far as the "Flagging" is concerned is that it opens up a button for twits who in order to assert their dislike of a film to exercise their index finger pushing it until they feel satisfied they have made their point. However, after having done a bit of research I was soon to discover that YouTube has tightened its content restrictions, squeezed them, into a more regimented "what can" and "what can't" go into the minds of its audience. You can read all about it on the YouTube Blog. This was from a while back (About 10 months ago) so you may need to sift through the archives.

It's funny when you listen to those who bring up the issue of Censorship, more often then not you will hear them say that ultimately they are pleased with the idea that sexually suggestive content or nudity be removed from our screens but violence should be allowed. This is the big cliché when it comes to Censorship issues and the irony (Hypocrisy with style) is embarrassingly obvious.

It essentially comes down to what people "believe" should be part of our institutional rules, and it appears that those who are uncomfortable with their own bodies and sexuality are the first to come crushing down on anything, anything at all, that reminds them of that.

However, one sometimes thinks that censorship is a useful device in reminding us how divisions in thought processes will always delegate personal freedoms regardless of any sort of attempt at unification by factions and masses.

I get run down, inevitably too exhausted to battle the ever waggling finger and tutting tongue of censorship, and I know it concerns me with the sort of media I make, but what energy has one person against the great seething tide of its ever same, same, sameness. It kind of reminds me of the Amish Mennonite tradition of "shunning" and of the Indian caste system.

Here is an example of an excellent video streaming site called WeStream (Beta) that provides a different kind of censorship, see how it would be if this was the case ...

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