Tuesday, 27 October 2009

This Video has been Removed

Back on my Anti-Censorship podium, I came across this neat video made by 2See2Dream, which I thought concisely and succinctly made the point about the "removal" policy implemented by those in control of our communication channels. What we need is a group of software developers and mediaphiles to develop a channel that has less restrictions on what is Uploaded. Of course the obviously illegal material could be appropriately removed but items that fall under the general category of Free Speech and Free Expression and Free Impression should have an outlet. A channel that doesn't have the word "Tube" in it, yes my friends I had a dream, a channel that that is NSFW unless you work from home that is or in a Sex Shop, a channel where Video-Conceptionalists and Filmmakers can take their wares and hang the dirty laundry out with the fresh towels, yes I had a dream, and will undoubtedly have another one tonight.


Anonymous said...

isn't that dream called vimeo.

Rups said...

I haven't looked at the Vimeo TOS, are they radically different from UTube?

Anonymous said...

they are similar but they turn a blind eye.

Rups said...

Sounds good. I will have to make myself a Vimeo Channel then. It works a bit like the Amsterdam cannabis thing then ... the cannabis is illegal but the authorities turn a blind eye.

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