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A Medieval short film shot in Melbourne Australia? Wounded is a trailer made by DustedFilms with the intention of making the movie into a feature film. There was some talk on an Australian film forum to do with the trees in the background being Gum Trees, but being that this short has been created with the aim of a more expansive film, the need for a forest won over the need for accurate fauna. However, the filmmaker did ask for feedback whether it be neutral, negative or positive, so here is mine. My first critique is to do with the battle scenes. One of the classic moments from The Holy Grail is when Graham Chapman battles John Cleese as the Black Knight. What makes this fight sequence so effective is the cumbersome weight of the weaponry, which, in Medieval times was a huge issue with knights and the reason armour was continually being adapted to suit the reality of physical conflict. As far as my limited knowledge on the subject matter goes, I believe that the weight of the armour had something to do with the inevitable extinction of the knight.

What I am seeing in the preview is dexterity, especially when magnified by the trend of slowing down and speeding up action, that seems to detract from the awful reality of having to wear heavy armour and handle large weapons in hand to hand combat.

Three other things I would highlight, which are more personal opinions and not a criticism of the film's merit as such is firstly the one word title - I understand this is also a trend, and filmmakers seem to be condensing the synopsis down to a single word, sometimes putting a "The" in front of it like was popular at one stage in popular music. I think Wounded as a title doesn't quite lead me to understand if there is a story here I want to follow or not. When I first came across the title I immediately thought the premise of the film might be just people getting wounded in battle which really didn't indicate to me that there was something to discover within the story - but this is a totally subjective response from me as I love more cryptic or poetic titles, I just do. The reason why is they stimulate my curiosity.

The second subjective comment is the web address of the film ... why is it such a trend these days to put "the movie" attached to a film's web address. I know that Hollywood does it a lot, but Hollywood wants to make these distinctions commercially whereas independent cinema doesn't need to do this.

The third comment has to do with my admiration at DustedFilms having gone for a different genre style regardless at the odds they would have experienced in doing so. I think it is marvellous that a filmmaker has rejected the idea of making a horror science-fiction crime psychological thriller gangster type movie and gone for a completely niche genre, that of the Medieval film.

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