Sunday, 22 November 2009

Digital Culture Fund

The Australia Council for the Arts are testing out a few Grants at the moment, one of which is the Digital Culture Fund, seeking proposals for video installation works or performance based projects. The Australia Council for the Arts says that the Digital Culture Fund is ...

"... a pilot initiative for people who have been working creatively with digital technologies for some time. They might be experienced artists already within the Australia Council's community, already supported by one of our grants or divisions. But we also want to open up to a new breed of practitioner, the digital native who might not typically consider themselves artists or ordinarily approach the Australia Council."

Are you a new breed of practitioner? Let the Australia Council for the Arts decide. You can read up on all the Grant information right here. Of course, don't do anything too kinky or anything you may find in other countries that here would be torn down and trashed in a second, because I guarantee that the Australia Council for the Arts is looking for something prim, proper and appropriate for the Australian public.

However, always look a gift horse up the arse say I.

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